what are you doing new years eve

I know I am only 9 days late, but I wanted to wish you all a wonderful New Year 2013! 2012 ended on a festive note for our family. My man love and I spent it enjoying the culinary awesomeness that is Michael Symon at his flagship Cleveland restaurant Lola. Boo to those who think that Cleveland is boring, because from where I sit, it pretty much rocks!



Happy birthday DKMTL

Time flies when you're having fun - and what a fun year it has been. True to it's founder and author, DKMTL is constantly growing and evolving, so what started as Fashionable in Montreal, over time, became DKMTL. But the name is not the only thing that changed. While this blog's original mission has been to promote the idea that fashion and feminism do mix, over time it has expanded to the idea that a woman can, and should be, all that she wants to be. So from a fashion blog we are slowly moving in the direction of a pro-women platform and hopefully a source of inspiration for women everywhere.

While on this amazing quest, I have learned a tremendous amount about myself, while also meeting some incredibly creative and smart women (a big shout out to Emily of PartyMixTape). 

It has been an amazing privilege and joy to hear from you who have been following and supporting me in the past year. For that I thank you and wish for many happy returns.

Last but not least, a HUGE thanks to my biggest fan, my husband, without whose support there would be no DKMTL!

Happy birthday DKMTL


sick day

Frontally attacked by what seems to be a demonic virus, I have been losing sorrily - which is why I will leave you with a few words and let the pictures do the talking. 

Coming up on the blog, an interview with a kick ass entrepreneur, Tiffany Elton, the owner of Quartier Mode boutique in Montreal.

I am also very excited to announce that an article published a while back on DKMTL will soon be published by the Curvy Girl Guide. So stay tuned.


jeans: Parasuco
sweater: Zara
faux fur vest: Kenar
booties: Vince Camuto


Winter blues (or burgundies)

'Tis the season again. And despite all the retail frenzy in the form of not-to-be missed sales and discounts; sparkle and shine of Christmas decorations promising to induce the holiday cheer; and the ubiquitous soundtrack of carols following you everywhere you go, I find myself blue (as in sad).

The reasons are several: years are seemingly on a warp-speed fast forward and despite my youthful spirt I can't help but feel that life is going by way too fast. In resuming where I have been and where I am going, I have to admit that I am not all-around satisfied or happy with some aspects of my life. The situation is possibly not helped by the literature I am currently perusing in preparation for issues soon to be discussed on the blog, which highlights the steps back that women have taken as off late sacrificing their professional success and ultimately, their financial independence.

And while I firmly believe that we can always, always strive for better, yesterday was one of those days where the undercurrent pulled me, well, under, for a moment or two. Today, is another day. And albeit cold, it is sunny and bright offering a great opportunity to dust myself off and try again.


jeans: Paige
top and coat: Zara
booties: Indigo by Clarks
necklace: Lindex
scarf: J Crew
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