the art of prep

As many of you know or have noticed, it is the bleak of winter here in Montreal. Not an ideal time to start a daily style blog, you might think. And you would be right -  as it means either freezing my tush off, or taking pictures inside malls (frankly mostly the latter). Well, today despite the elements, and high risk of hypothermia, we ventured outside. Husband has been awesome in his newly assigned role of the official Fashionable in Montreal photographer, learning on the job. He is starting to give more direction, which is almost always coated in his deadpan hilarious sense of humor, and explains why my poses are nothing like Lea Michelle's on any given red carpet.


jacket/veston: Zara
shirt/blouse: Banana Republic
jeans: via TJ Maxx
shoes/souliers: Guess
belt/ceinture: Tory Burch
bowtie/papillon: husband's
necklace: kate spade
bag/sac: Tommy Hilfiger
gloves/gants: Ralph Lauren


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