things i swear by: MAC lipstick So Chaud

When I was just a little girl (can you hear Doris Day in the background), for no apparent cause or reason I looooved lipstick. I say no apparent cause or reason as most little girls look up to their mothers for this sort of obsession. And my mom was not the dress-up type at all. In fact, she seldom wears any make-up to this very day. So this love must have found its roots in some strange lipstick gene passed on to me by my grandma or some other distant relative. 

I was not more than two years old, and I absolutely had to have a lipstick. But as we have established, my mom kept none. Plus in those days in then-Yugoslavia lipsticks were NOT an ubiquitous commodity. They were considered a luxury. As luck would have it, for a period of time my mom had nowhere to leave me, so I would go to work with her. I was a well-behaved little girl and would spend my time sitting in a cardboard box in my mom's office playing with the fabric samples (my mom used to work in the textile industry). One day, knowing of my desire, my mom's work colleague gave me the most fabulous gift of all  -  an almost completely used red lipstick. There was no end to my happiness further amplified by the realization that my mom's office was a treasure trove of lipstick-wearing women all of whom will, one day, get to the bottom of the tube.  So employing all my little girly charms, I launched a campaign. I went office to office, door to door and asked whether anyone had any used lipstick to spare. Well, let me tell you, in no time I had a bag full. 

And the love affair has been going on ever since. These days I don't go around asking for spares. I go to MAC or SEPHORA or any department store. I have loved many shades over the years. 90's were all about MAC Moka.Then came the age of the gloss. I Juicy Tubed myself in all delicious flavours and hues. Lately, though, I have gone back to my first love - the red lipstick. The essence of the feminine. For years I was convinced that no shade will ever go with my thin-ish lips. But the recent trip to the MAC counter dispelled that preconceived notion forever as I discovered MAC's So Chaud. Now I just have to pray to the lipstick God that it does not get discontinued.


MAC lipstick So Chaud


  1. Kako su to bila divna vremena, kad su zene jednostavno mogle dovesti dijete na posao :) Moja opsesija nisu bili karmini, nego sminkanje u cjelini. Jedan od kljucnih motiva za odrastanje bio je to sto cu se kad porastem moci sminkati :)

  2. ja jos uvijek cuvam uspomenu na te dane iako sam bila jako mala. a uzorci i "kramini" su mi bili glavna igracka danima. dokaz da djeci ne treba puno. ljubavi i paznje najvise. xoxod


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