things i swear by: spanx

Girdles and pantyhose -  for some symbols of anti-feminist restriction, and yet others a way to a flatter tummy without the pain of a carb-less life and crunches. Love them or hate them, the once-and-again ubiquitous women’s accessory is a revolutionary invention that helped transform women’s fashion. Personally, I am a huge fan, especially since I have had a baby, and since my 30s have brought on the battle of the bulge.

Product: When it comes to various brands, I only have one word for you: SPANX. Whether you are contemplating body shapers or hoisery, their products are comfy and they really work. The following are my personal favourites : 

Slim Cognito Shaping Mid-Thigh Bodysuit: This body-shaper defies the Law of Physics on indestructibility of matter. You will be completely sucked in without any unsightly bulges seeping out. It is also great in the winter because it keeps you extra warm. The down side is that it can be complicated to take off, and the seams can unravel after a while.

High Faultin' Footless: Great for the summer, this hoisery will remain invisible even under white pants. It is also very breathable.

Last, but certainly not least: Tight End Tights Highwaisted. These are my go-to tights starting with the fall. They are amazing, comfy, come in many colours and do wonders for your waistline. I could not recommend these more.


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