things I swear by: dry shampoo

It is no secret that looking good takes time and effort- most of which working women and moms don't have. In this segment, I will talk about things that go a long way to help you look good.  I will begin with hair.

Product: In recent months I have come to love dry shampoos. I have fine and silky hair which gets greasy very quickly requiring me to wash it often. Seeing that I am a long-hair girl this also means spending a lot of time blow-drying, as well as damaging my hair with frequent washing, use of products and heat styling. Dry shampoo to the rescue. This amazing product makes a blow dry or any type of styling last. My two favourite brands are Klorane (extra-doux) and Batiste (pictured below). Klorane is a bit pricey albeit widely available in pharmacies across Montreal. Batiste can be found at Winners for 6$ and it is just as good. It does have a sweet scent which I had to get used to (however I am very scent sensitive). 

Application: Having shaken the bottle well, I apply the dry shampoo to the roots. The trick is to apply it the night before and sleep with it. When you wake up in the morning the excess powder is gone, and all the oily residue absorbed - all you have to do is brush and go. The result is high volume and an extended "life"to your blow-dry, and ultimately, in the long run, your colour.



  1. Potpisujem za klorane...Thnx na preporuci, pravo je cudo da ga mogu naci u BiH!

  2. Great tip! Thanks a lot, I will definitely give it a try...

  3. Just bought my first bottle of dry shampoo after reading your article... tried it last night for the first time and loving it so far! Thanks!! J.


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