the circle of fashion

The style composition of this outfit is founded on two principles: (1) trends come, go and come back; (2) karma is a bitch. Here's why: when I was a kid I would look at my mom's high school pictures and roll. I mean, come on, bell bottoms so wide homeless people could live under there. And let's not forget the platform shoes. They were so high you needed an oxygen max to wear them (air is rarefied that high up). Don't even get me started on the height of the waist. I used to feel so lucky that I was the child of the 90s, what with all the Indian war paint make up, big hair, and acid washed jeans.  Fast forward a few years (let's not be sticklers for numbers), and here I am dear readership, wearing high waisted bell bottoms so wide you can't even see my shoes (which, by the way, are platforms). Never say never in love and in fashion.


Very unbloggerly of me, I am looking straight at the camera

Leaning against a random wall - a blogger must

Blogger look No. 12: looking in the distance

pants/pantalons: MANGO
shirt/blouse: MANGO
jacket/manteau: MANGO also seen here
cardigan: J Crew
watch/montre: Kenneth Cole
necklace/chaine: Tiffany


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