fashion particles in the air

In anticipation of my first fashion show attendance as a blogger, I was feeling so many things that I ended up layering just about every texture, pattern and, let's face it, colour in my closet. Hoping that I am channelling Carrie rather than a bag lady, I present to you my outfit of this, the first day of the Montreal Fashion Week 2012.


Accessory close up (not the boob shot)
The artistic blurry shot
The traditional "looking down shot" - a fashion blogger must
My parents called, husband took a picture (I thought it made me look popular)
The other blogger must - looking away shot

coat/manteau: Penelope and Monica Cruz for MNG (also seen here)
jacket/veston: Club Monaco
blouse: Zara
skirt/jupe: American Apparel
tights/collant: American Apparel
shoes/souliers: not too coy
bag/sac: kate spade
pin/broche: Chanel
perles: J Crew
belt/ceinture: via Winners

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