for the love of neon

This year's neon trend has found me surprisingly happy to see it. Unsure of the roots of my neon obsession, I found myself craving its brightness in all possible hues. And then it dawned on me, it reminded me of one unforgettable summer right after my high school graduation.

My summers, much like everyone else's in Yugo, were spent on the Adriatic coast. Given my strict upbringing it would also always be in the company of my folks. That summer though, using all my powers of persuasion, debate and negotiation, I managed to convince my dad to let me go on my own. 

I packed a tent, a yellow neon t-shirt, a pair of jeans, and in the company of my cousin cum best friend Lejla embarked on the most exciting journey. Trains, boats,  automobiles and 14 hours later I was in the arms of the Adriatic coast.  The little town of Perna was a camping ground for army brats and us.  We spent our days on the beach. On low budget, we laid in the sun hoping to magically develop the skill of photosynthesis and thus avoid buying food. At night, we would sit around the camp fire - someone always with guitar in hand - and sing 'till the wee hours of the night.  I wore my neon t-shirt all the time and by the end of that summer its neon-ness was bleached out of it by the sun and frequent washing. 

Fast forward to the present and I find myself frequently injecting neon into my life as a way of rain dancing my way to the Spring.


cape: BB Dakota (also seen here)
blouse: Zara
jeans: James Jeans
shoes/souliers: Zara
braceletes: Simons, Banana Republic, BCBG
watch/montre: Kenneth Cole
bag/sac: American Apparel
necklace/chaine: Sisley
sunnies/ lunettes de soleil: Ray Ban


  1. I love this looks of yours today, mira

  2. Originalan look i stil, moram pohvaliti hrabru stranu tvoje kreativne licnosti!:)


    1. Draga Jelena hvala na ovom komentaru. Puno mi znaci kad me neko iz moje publike ko me ne poznaje prepozna i prizna kao kreativnu.


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