green is the colour of hope

There is something magical about dressing up. Something uplifting, which incites self-confidence and hope (somewhere, Gloria Steinem is having a heart attack right about now). It has certainly helped me through some very tough times. From 1992 until 1995 my country, Bosnia-Herzegovina, went through a terrible war. Yet despite all of the horrors that it brought, one thing remained unchanged. Women dressed to the nines every single day. They knew full well that they might have to run through sniper alleys, wait in queues for water and bread, hell they might not live to see the day's end. And yet they remained defiant in maintaining their beauty regimens. It was such an incredible phenomenon that even the photo journalists took notice.
The picture shown below, taken by Tom Stoddart, depicting one such woman went around the world. Bono (of the U2 fame), upon his visit to war torn Sarajevo, was so awestruck by this dichotomy that he felt compelled to write Miss Sarajevo. The war has come and gone. I have travelled the world and back. But I still live by that rule. When the road gets rough, I stick my head into my closet, pick the prettiest colours, carefully apply my make up, and life somehow seems easier. Hope you like what I am wearing today.

picture by Tom Stoddart

P.S. Any affiliation between me and the white Mercedes Benz below is sadly purely coincidental. 

shoes/skirt/shirt: Zara
faux fur: via Winners
bag: Coccinelle
watch: Kenneth Cole
bracelets: Banana Republic, Simons
necklace: via Etsy
pin: Chanel
ring: Banana Republic
gloves: Ralph Lauren
tights: Calzedonia


  1. Loove that color, so vibrant! It makes winter more fun...

  2. Looking great, nice color on a snowy day!

  3. love the combination of color and that clutch


  4. I DO love what you are wearing, Danina (Came to your blog via your message on ASOS Fashion Finder)! I share your philosophy of dressing up - it makes you feel good and is meant to be fun. I love your pattern mixing here and your styling is fabulous!

    From a new follower who is also edging out of her 30s ;)
    Catherine x

    1. Thanks so much Catherine! I checked out your blog and I love it, as well as the point of view it conveys. You got yourself a follower also.Look forward to our exchanges.


  5. I do like this look!


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