leather biker jacket

When I was in my late teens leather biker jackets were all the rage. Not that I was a trend follower or anything ;-) but I really, really wanted one. Badly! So I asked my parents if I could have one. To my dismay my request was swiftly denied since, for reasons unknown, my father firmly believed that the leather biker jacket was a certain path to a life of drugs and crime. I begged and I pleaded but he would not hear of it. Once, I almost had him convinced, we even made it as far as the store, but at the last moment, he changed his mind. And then came the war, too busy trying to survive, I forgot about the leather biker jacket.

A few years later, I came to Montreal. I was a student, living on my own, when one day, walking down the street, I saw it in a shop window. As I stood there, memories came rushing back, of my home, of my parents, friends. And for a split second I was that careless teenager again badly craving a leather biker jacket.  So without a second thought I walked in and bought it spending my last dime. Whether it was pure fashion victimhood, or was I holding on to the irretrievable past - I lived in my new leather jacket. This would not have been a problem had it not been the bleak of winter, and while everyone was wearing the equivalent of quilted duvets, to my health's detriment, I wore my jacket.

Recently, we met again, the leather biker jacket and I - this time in a cropped edition. I resisted it for as long as I could, what with my age and all, but something about it takes me back to a different time. A time when the only care in the world was to convince my dad to get me a leather jacket. So, I relented. And to keep with the tradition, I am wearing it in the middle of the winter. 


The charms of posing in the winter

jacket/manteau: Zara
shirt/blouse: Zara
skirt/jupe: Zara
shoes/souliers: Nine West
bag/sac: Louis Vuittons


  1. Great and original biker jacket look!

  2. Great outfit. The color of those boots is incredible.

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  3. I have the biker jacket thing too - and a very similar experience with my parents :) I think this is a great look

  4. and again, both wonderful: outfit and the story, love you, mira

  5. Great outfit!
    Nisam sigurna cemu se vise radujem, novoj prici ili uzbudljivoj odjevnoj kombinaciji.


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