fashion report: Tavan & Mitto, Montreal Fashion Week 2012

It's that time of the year:  Montreal Fashion Week. And while it is not Paris, Milan or New York, it still counts as THE week of our fashionable lives. Plus frankly speaking tickets for certain shows can be purchased which at this point in my blogging career is the only way to go to fashion shows ;-)

The show I attended was among the most anticipated ones by Tavan and Mitto - the returning Jedi of Montreal fashion who have come back home after years of honing their craft in fashion capitols of EuropeThe show opened to the 50s tune "You give me fever" which seemed like a good omen of retro things to come. And come they did.  Small accentuated waists, full skirts, pallazzo pants and gorgeous dropped panel necklines (similar to those that Karl-you-know-who presented during the Paris Fashion Week) took us back to the days when Don Drapper was Betty's cheatin' husband. Given my recent leanings toward the red lipstick and my chronic Mad Men madness, I was especially partial to the bold red lip and the high pony tail that the models sported. But I fell hard for the satin ribbon headbands simulating a fringe, since I always want to get a fringe but am too chicken to commit. All in all, j'adore, and will be coming to claim my 25$ discount coupon courtesy of the Montreal Fashion Week goody bag.

As for yours truly choice of outfit, I supported the local talent. I wore a lovely Eve Gravel dress paired with turquoise tights. You will have to take my word for the said loveliness as I possess no photo evidence due to the epic equipment failure. Now if only a Fashion Week fairy would wave her magic wand and get me an invite to Eve's show tomorrow ;-)


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