painting the town red

Valentine's day - depressing if you are single, stressful if you are not. What to do, what to get? While I fail miserably any given Valentine to pull off anything remotely surprising or romantic, my man T passes with  flying shades of red. As a result, I have a truck load of memories and fun times that I have had with T over the years. But what stands out as one of the best times ever is our first Valentine's Day as a couple. 

Back in the day we were humanitarians, saving the peoples of Iraq from Amman, Jordan. We developed quite a little penchant for this ultra cool rip-off of the Parisian Buddha Bar inside the most ostentatious hotel, like ever, called Le Royal. Oriental lounge that the Buddha Bar Amman was, they used to make KILLER frozen margaritas. And logically that is where we went to celebrate our new love. Having had a few of the aforementioned drinks, we went back to his place, where unprovoked, T put on some Neil Diamond, grabbed hold of his eyeglasses case (his version of the hairbrush microphone since he does not brush his hair), and belted out Sweet Caroline. I think I might have fallen off the couch,  and in even deeper love after that serenade. Needless to say he became my Valentine forever (let's face it people it was a Neil Diamond lip sync after all).

On the fashion side of things, I decided that wearing all red on this day of looove would be too predictable, so instead I spiced up my French sailor-ess get-up with splashes of the glorious colour of love. Happy Valentine's Day!


P.S. Ooopsies my purse is facing backwards in the pic below. What can I tell you it was 8 o'clock a.m.

Unintentional Blue Steel

Freezing much? You betcha

Accessory shot with blogger pose No. 5 - looking away

This is what my purse looks like when turned the right way

jacket/manteau: Massimo Dutti
t-shirt: Zara
skirt/jupe: Zara
belt/ceinture: Dolce and Gabbanna
shoes/souliers: Pollini
chains/chaînes: Tiffany
bag/sac: Guess


  1. Great post, great outfit and great Valentine's Day memories - - wait until you hear my rendition of Neil's "Play Me" tonight!

  2. Love the bag and the belt!

  3. I love everything about this post. Great story and great outfit.... looove the red bag!!

  4. Very chic and lovely. I think THIS is now my favorite :) You just keep doing it better baby x

  5. Rodice, stvarno, iskreno, najiskrenije......blog je svaki put sve bolji i interesantniji....way to go!

    1. Hvala hani ti znas koliko meni tvoja podrska znaci! Ljubim te puno.

  6. Mila, kao sto i svi gore navedeni kazu, sve je bolje i bolje. Outfit je fantastican, a prica, hm, I can actually picture it! Love ya! XO

    1. Hvala ljubice moja na svim tvojim komentarima i sto me pratis!

  7. Love that mustard color skirt. So pretty and chic outfit too. :)

    Cathy@How to Choose the Right Neckline for Your Nursing Uniforms


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