guide to montreal: aveda spa and academy

I love many things about Montreal, not the least of which is AVEDA Spa and Academy. But let me start from the beginning. I am slightly obsessed with my hair. Bad hair cut or colour job sends me into a tail spin. So when I find a good hairdresser I stick with them so faithfully you would think I married them. 

Given my gypsy lifestyle induced by my career with the United Nations, I have seen many hairdressers over the years. The ones that stick in my mind are George Saloon in Baghdad, Iraq (best bob EVER), Jacques Dessange Salon in Beirut, Lebanon and AVEDA Spa and Academy in Montreal. 

AVEDA is on the Main and has seen a few face lifts over the years. People from Montreal might remember it as Tonic. It is now a sprawling salon where you lie down to have your hair washed, get an aroma therapy mini massage, and the best colour and cut thanks to Josee and Karen. 

I have found Josee many, many moons ago. She saved me after another hairdresser gave me really bad highlights which left me with a blond band around my head. She is, by far, the best colorist ever (EVER!). We have both come and gone over the years. But when in town, I go to no one else. Karen is my dream hairdresser who also came into my life after a bad haircut which I was trying to fix. She is meticulous, and cares to give you exactly the cut you want (the results can be seen here).  

So if in town, or even passing by give them a try. They are worth it. And if it is your fist time there and you tell them that I sent you, they'll give you a discount.


The best hair washing experience 




  1. It's true...last summer Danina recommended me to see Josee. I got the exact color of highlights that I always wanted. AF


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