things i swear by: tweezerman kit

I don't know what your mama gave you, but mine gave me a Highlander's eyebrows. Although not the case of conjoined twins, unplucked, my eyebrows will spread like weeds and soon leave very little of my eyelid uncovered.

It became abundantly clear very early on in my young adulthood, that much eyebrow grooming would be needed, and soon, I was acquainted with tweezers.  The change of seasons and trends has seen me go in different directions with the shape of my brows. After I saw "Basic Instinct", and its star Sharon Stone, I wanted  straight eyebrows. The Drew Barrymore for Guess campaign made me pluck myself surprised. Finally, a fortunate meeting with my beautician set me on a path of the natural arch, which I have been happily following ever since.

Searching for the right shape was probably as treacherous as searching for the right equipment. That is until I found the Tweezerman Mirror and Tweezer kit. The slanted tweezers are a perfect shape to get even the smallest hair, while the mirror allows you to see them with great clarity. Preventive plucking  - that is what I call that. And let me tell you my eyelids have never been so smooth.


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