bold print and neon

Two posts back to back, aren't I prolific and you lucky ;-) Onto our dilemma, my deer peeps, what's a gal to wear in face of the coming fashion trends. From peplum to sequins, leather to fur, neon to sorbet, to colour block or not? 

Here is my 50 cents. Today's offering: a mix of print, a punch of neon yellow and the unavoidable biker jacket - just in case you feared that I would only wear it once in these winterized times. Luckily for me the biker is back, front and center, preventing me from looking like I was on my way to a Hell's Angels convention. Comments and thoughts, as ever are appreciated (just make sure you sign your name even if you are using the anonymous option). Thanks dolls!


jacket/manteau: Zara (also seen here)
t-shirt: american apparel
skirt/jupe: club monaco
shoes/souliers: guess
bag/sac: guess


  1. Love the jacket and the colours of the skirt.

  2. Very nice! I love your black-red-white combination.


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