New York Fashion Week 2012

As I stand at the beginning of what I hope will become a long and fruitful career in fashion blogging, I was not privy to the front row of the New York Fashion Week. But that is not to say that I have not followed with great interest what the Gods of Fashion have in store for us this fine Spring 2012. Like anyone in power, the trend makers can sometimes forget us mere mortals, putting forth trends that make even the lithest, tallest, hipless and boobless girls - let's be frank - look ridiculous. Luckily trend interpretation is not an exact science. In fact most of us don't get to sport straight-off-the-runaway ready-to-wear stuff, but rather the interpretations of the hordes of designers over at Zara and H&M. 

Anyhoot as the NYFW 2012 closes, I thought I'd report on the trends (both on the runaway and off), and then offer you my interpretation. What's the catch? Well, I am a regular gal like you, with a regular (read non-modelesque) body, living a regular life (read I work in an office), and relying on high-street fashion (this last thing was so British of me ;-). See if you like it then, be a doll, write to me about it (preferably signing your name even if you use the anonymous option while commenting). Thank you peoples!


Metallics and fur galore (somebody call PETA)

More metallics from Prabal Gurung

My two loves the Chanel bag and biker jacket

Sorbet colours

Mad prints at Proenza Schouler

Colour blocking alive and well at Peter Som

My style crush Mira Duma in a whole lotta neon yellow

Peplum and more sorbet colours at Jason Wu

Images taken from style.com (photographed by tommy ton) and harpersbazaar.com.

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