caped woman

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Woman's Day. I will be celebrating mine in the company of  some of the bravest, fiercest and most beautiful women I know. On the fashion side of things, I am donning one of my favourite garments of the season - cape. This one has the look of Burberry, but it is really Banana Republic. Another favourite - the PAN AM blue capris worn with these Chanel-esque nude Zara pumps to add some leggy-ness to my physique. Especially love how everything looks haute couture without the hefty price. Also love how this post is full of crafted adjectives. Happy Woman's Day lovelies.


P.S. Please forgive the morose facial expression, it was very early morning :-) and a very cloudy one at that!

cape: Banana Republic
blouse: Banana Republic
capris: J Crew
shoes/souliers: Zara
bag/sac: ISIS

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