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I am back, after a week long (and at times seemingly losing) battle with sinusitis. Glad to be in good enough shape to post as I have been dying to showcase my latest acquisition - the Ann Taylor neon necklace (again with the neon, I know ;-). I really like how it brightens my face, and how it livens up any outfit. But it also made me think whether it was age appropriate? And whether the concept of age appropriate dressing is even applicable to today's women?

Recently, I read an article that stated that being a woman or a girl was no longer a question of age, but rather how one felt about oneself. The author also thoughtfully provided a test which rated your sense of "girlieness". Given my personal clarity on the subject, I did not feel compelled to take the test as I definitely feel like a girl. Looking back, I haven't felt any different since the end of my adolescence. I have enjoyed different stages of my adult life: the care freedom of my twenties, and the financial emancipation of the thirties. One thing that I have never really felt is that I have entered a state of womanhood. That is certainly reflected in the way that I dress. Which sort of answers the original question: if there still is such a thing as age-appropriate dressing I am bound to break the rules.

jacket/manteau: claude brown new york
t-shirt: cheap monday
jeans: James Jeans
belt/ceinture: Tory Burch
shoes/souliers: Michael by Michael Kors
bag/sac: kate spade
necklace/collier: Ann Taylor
pin/broche: Chanel


  1. Great style, the shoes look fantastic!

  2. super a od svega naj je o sto si open pocela da pises, love end baci, ms

  3. Super! Cipele su fenomenalne!

  4. Beautifully worded! Love the shoes and the necklase!

  5. Love the neon and studs and how they play off the classic jacket.

  6. Hi Danina!

    I just found you on Orange and Apple!
    I am Ariane, i live in Montreal as well
    I am happy i have found you
    Great urban style you have there
    Where about are you in Mtl?

    I am a new follower

    Ariane x

    1. Thank you so much Ariane! I live on Plateau Mont Royal. Very happy to have you as a new follower! xoxoDKMTL

  7. You have a beautiful smile... You should wear it more often!!! The outfit is such a compliment to your smile.



    1. Thanks so much Dana! I am a big smiley off the camera. On camera I have a harder time putting on a nature smile (my husband has to tell jokes the whole time). xoxoDKMTL


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