evening at the volts

Oh the excitement of the fashion blogger's life - last night I attended the official inauguration of The Volts - an internet-based shopping destination for luxury and designer fashion and accessories. Similarly to Gilt and Rue La La, The Volts offers carefully selected high fashion at low prices during weekly flash sales.  When you spend your professional life working for the United Nations you learn the importance of supporting local merchants, businesses and initiatives. The Volts is therefore doubly exciting for me as they are a Montreal-based company with a penchant for showcasing the Canadian fashion talent. In the next few weeks alone they will be featuring some of finest Canadian designers including Fullum & Holt,  Aqua di Lara, Dimitri Chris, La Fee Verte, Gaya Handbags, Sid Negium and Design and Conquer.

To celebrate the occasion of their web site going public, The Volts invited Montreal fashion bloggers and the press (and I was included - yay!). Courtesy of Fullum & Holt, everyone received a leather bow and was asked to incorporate it in their outfit. I decided to use it as a belt on my newly acquired peplum top. 

(A necessary digression - peplum has been all the rage recently, and I still have not made up my mind whether it is actually flattering on hippy girls (like moi) or not. Nevertheless I am a sucker for a good stripe so I went for it anyway. To offset any potential damage, I paired the top with my cleverly designed pencil skirt (which you might remember from here and here)).

Rookie that I am at this sort of soiree, I did my best to mingle. I was very excited to meet the kind PR people from Ageance Telegraphe (who discovered me ;-), one of the owners of The Volts, as well as some of my favourite Montreal bloggers. Cinderella-complex in full swing, I left the party before the end of the evening for fear of turning into a pumpkin ;-) Below are the photos - hope you like them!


top/haut: Zara
skirt/jupe: Zara
bag/sac: Zara
trench: Zara
shoes/soulier: Guess
belt/ceinture: Fullum & Holt
necklace and bracelet/collier et bracelet: Mango

One of Montreal's favourite fashion bloggers the lovely Anik of Montreal in Style


  1. I like the outfit and the bow works perfectly!

  2. My favourite outfit so far :)

  3. Babe, you look fabulous! And that little belt is so cute! PERFECT!

  4. It was nice meeting you Danina!
    Glad you liked your evening.

    Thanks for sharing the love !

    - Olivia


  5. Love the pop of lipstick in combination with the stripes—a hint of nautical. Love it, Danina!

    1. Thanks so much!!!! Likewise, I adored your whole look. Big fan!

  6. i totally share the same hesitation about the peplum. Its working for you so I guess I have to cave and try it to :-) I love that you support local business. SO important!


    1. Thanks Moussia! and congrats on your IFB features.

  7. This one by far is my favourite!

  8. Great one....simple and very elegant..love your lipstick


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