flower print pants and the art of fashionomics

Flower print pants - I can just sense it in my fashionable bones that this is one of those trends that is bound to gallop through the fashion scenery. Because no matter how pleasing to the eye it seems to me - let's be honest - 'tis not the Chanel tweed jacket. Which brings us to the topic of fashionomics - or how much should you invest in trendy clothing. My strategy is rooted in several criteria: 1) overall look and feel; 2) the price, and 3) bang for the buck (as in how many times will I wear it).

With these pants, it's tough. I absolutely love them, but I am not sure how well they fit me; and I am pretty sure that I won't wear them past this season. Buying my first pair (seen here) was not that big a deal since they cost 15$. Buying a second pair had bad investment written all over it. And yet I couldn't help it - I could just see them in perfect sartorial harmony with this purple top which I don't get to wear much otherwise. And while it might seem like warped economics, in fashionomics, two bad investments might just yield a great return.


jacket/manteau: Zara
blouse: Zara
pants/pantalons: Zara
shoes/souliers: Michael by Michael Kors
clutch/sac: Coccinelle
necklace/chaine: Banana Republic


  1. Gorgeous! Kako divan spoj! Puse!

  2. love the blog! Found you through an IFB group :)
    I'm following you via google friend connect!
    I'd love it if you could follow me back :)

    & I am currently holding a giveaway!
    Have a nice day! Emma x

  3. I love this look!Very edgy yet feminine and soft!The lipstick is gorgeous on you!

    1. Awe thanks so much! Hope to have you come back!


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