get shorty

When it comes to shorts, I frequently find myself in dilemma. Why, you might ask? Well, are grown women supposed to wear them? Are they supposed to wear them regardless of season? Should your shape be your guide, or is it a total democracy?

For myself,  I have decided that as long as they are of certain length (not Daisy Dukes);  my legs are toned; it is summer time; and not a work situation, it is OK to wear them. Seems like a lot of conditions imposed for such a skimpy clothing item, but there you have it. The outfit below is a weekend edition (feel like I should emphasise given the conviction of my previous statement ;-).


blazer/veston: Uniqlo
blouse: Zara
shorts: Lindex
bag/sac: Coccinelle
espadrilles: BCBG Generation
pin/broche: Chanel


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