have you met pinterest

These days, social media platforms are popping up like coffee shops. And just like with cafes, there seems to be some strange alchemy at work which makes some incredibly popular and well visited (Facebook anyone), and others abandoned (remember MySpace).

The latest platform which has that je ne sais quoi is pinterest. A virtual scrap book, if you will - without the hassle of cutting and glueing - pinterest allows you to "pin" images from all over the internets on to the virtual boards; browse the images posted by others; follow pinners you like; and re-pin their images onto your own board(s).

I have recently joined pinterest and have quickly become a big fan. I love that I have a place where I can keep images of things that I find inspiring. From hair colour and style to make up, from inspiring outfits to dining room settings, you can find it all. If you follow my blog, I suggest you also check out my pinterest boards because they can give you an additional insight into my aesthetic and inspirations. It is easy, all you have to do is click on the pinterest button in the side bar on the right and it will take you straight to my boards. There, among many other things, you will see an image which inspired today's outfit. Enjoy!


coat/manteau: Penelope and Monica Cruz for Mango
dress worn as a blouse/robe portee comme un blouse: American Apparel
skirt/jupe: J Crew
shoes/souliers: Michael by Michael Kors
bag/sac: Max and Co.
necklace/collier: J Crew
bracelets: Simons and Banana Republic


  1. This is the outfit that made me stop just casually admiring your outfits on asos fashionfinder and start following your blog... I soon realised that every one of your posts is amazing! I love how you have the mix of classic style (pencil skirts, blazers and trenches, gorgeous silhouettes) and edgy trends (fluro brights, clashing prints, leather...) absolutely down pat. How you manage this with (what I imagine to be) a highly stressful job and a family is beyond me! Inspirational!

    Kirsten (Australia)

    1. Thanks again Kirsten for your kind words. I am really passionate about fashion (and this blog) and like anything you are passionate about, you make the time. It also helps that I have an incredibly supportive husband without whom all this would be very hard if not impossible. So happy to have you as a follower. xoxoD


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