love letter to deborah lloyd

Kate Spade - most people associate that name with the ubiquitous purses which embody the simplicity of Manhattanite chic. I too was first acquainted with the brand via a purse. It was during my student years in New York that a friend from school got a kate spade bag for a birthday gift from a rich (and generous) aunt. I admired the beauty of the leather and the elegant simplicity of the design, but it was way out of my price reach.

I became happily re-acquainted with the brand once its creator and the namesake, the infamous Ms. Spade stepped down, the creative helm was handed over to Deborah Lloyd, and the brand's portfolio expanded to include apparel. It was as if Glinda the Good Witch touched the kate spade world with a technicolour wand.  This was no surprise as Deb had already sprinkled some fairy dust on the runaways of Burberry (and later Banana Republic) as one of the instrumental parts of that brand's rejuvenation. 

Her aesthetic is simply joy-inducing. Her clothes feel like they jumped out of pages of Alice in Wonderland, what with all the rainbow colours, sequins, dots, stripes and vintage-y lines.  From one season to the next, it is a shear bliss to browse through their lookbook, blog, or pinterest boards if for no other reason but to get inspired. Today's look is an example.


jacket/manteau: H&M
blouse: Zara
skirt/jupe: Zara
belt/ceinture: Tory Burch
necklace/collier: kate spade
bag/sac: kate spade
shoes/souliers: Guess
flower/fleur: J Crew


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