the sisterhood of the travelling jacket

It is an indisputable fact that leopard has become the new black. The pattern so wild, yet so versatile that you can mix it with just about any other pattern or colour, it is the new basic - if you will.  You already know how much I love to print-clash it with polka dots, stripes and flowers. But yet another lovely pairing I have to showcase is with burgundy (I am telling you it IS the new black). 

My love of leopard is well documented on this blog, but it's very origins are rooted in the jacket I am wearing today.  Designed by Laurel, it originally belonged to my best friend, Mira. Mira and I met and forged our friendship during the war - we were both interpreters for the United Nations, forced, due to the nature of our work, to live on the UN premises. She was (and still is) incredibly stylish and beautiful. I donned ripped jeans on regular basis. Through her amazing wardrobe and influence I have come to appreciate beautiful clothes and do so to this very day (duh, I have a fashion blog). And while life took us in different directions  and locations, we have remained the closest of friends. Our styles are very different, but our appreciation for beautiful clothes is one and the same.

Awhile ago both Mira and I were temporarily living in Sarajevo. One day, I chanced upon her on the street wearing this leopard jacket. From the moment I saw it, I loved it and needed to have it. She of course gave me all the designer details, but it was nowhere to be found. I looked everywhere for anything remotely similar without success. Eventually she gave it to me.  A few years went by, and I stopped wearing it. So when she came to visit me, this time in Rome, I gave it back. Then last year I started thinking about it again. So when she came to Montreal to visit she brought it back. This jacket travelled the world so much it merits its own passport. Here's to enduring friendships and the travelling leopard jacket.


jacket/manteau: Laurel Escada
top/haut: Zara
pants/pantalons: Zara
bag/sac: kate spade
shoes/souliers: Guess
bracelets: Banana Republic, Simons
necklace/collier: J Crew


  1. Isn't it great that you have that kind of friendship that is connected with such a great piece of clothing!!! The jacket is a classic. I love the entire outfit from the great color of the pants to the polka dots shirt, which I think I own (if its the one with zipper in back).


  2. my dearest darling, you made me cry and smile!!! this jacket is so much better on you and I was happy to give it to you. as for the war, it had brought about a very few nice and positive things and experiences, and meeting you was definately one of those. thank you for being my friend, the closest friend. MS

  3. love how u styled the prints:)

  4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this…♥


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