wild thing you make my heart sing

This dress was a loving gift from my baby sis. She was visiting us in Rome, where an obligatory stop in our tour package was Galleria Colonna near Piazza Colonna. When she spotted this beauty, she ran over to my side and exclaimed: "you must get this". I loved it, but honestly there is simply no space in my closet for dresses that I love but will never get to wear. "Just try it on" she said - that is usually how our shopping dance starts - "maybe it won't suit you". And so I tried it on, walked out, my sister gasped, I repeated that I would never have the occasion to wear it. "Hey, someone might get married", she proclaimed. I replied that nobody gets married any more. "But it makes you look so thin and tall" - she pressed on. I still hesitated (despite such a strong argument). And then she said "I am not letting you walk away from this dress" and she got it for me. Such is my amazing sis. But I was not wrong in thinking that I would never wear it. Until today that is, when I realised that any given Sunday is a reason good enough to look glam. Thank God for sisters and Sundays.


dress/robe: Massimo Dutti
blouse: Miss Selfridge
jacket/manteau: Zara
booties/bottines: San Marina
bracelets: Simons, H&M, Tristan America, Banana Republic
necklace/chaines: Sisley
sunnies/lunettes de soleil: RayBan


  1. i am in love with that jacket. all the seams at the bottom of the sleeve are amazing


  2. This one by far is my favourite.

  3. Love the dress and the jacket!

  4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this…♥

  5. Super izgled, ali jos bolji komentar o sekama :)

  6. Lovely story, I have to admit... That is truth, younger sisters are very kind,loving and generous :)

  7. Beautifully worded, and just so true!


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