the art of accessorizing

It is a well established fact that accessories can make or break an outfit. And yet when it comes to the art of accessorizing there are different philosophies. For Coco Chanel less was more. She famously stated that just before you leave the house you should take off one thing.

These days though, thanks to women such as Rachel Zoe and Taylor Tomasi Hill, the approach is more on the side of accessory excess. A self-proclaimed accessory addict, Rachel Zoe's said that, while she loves and respects Coco Chanel, her approach to accessorizing is exactly the opposite. Taylor Tomasi Hill, with her penchant for serious statement jewellery (and let's not forget those flaming red locks) has been elevated to the status of fashion icon.  

My approach to accessorizing has been evolving but it tends to be more on the conservative side. There was a period when I couldn't stand any jewelry on me (yes you read that right). Luckily I have been rid of that terrible affliction, and these days, I pay just as much attention to the choice of accessories as I do to my choice of outfit. Among my all time favourite accessories is my Chanel brooch which I adore for its simplicity and ability to lift any outfit out of the ordinary.


dress/robe: Hugo Buscatti Collection
cape: ASOS
scarf/foulard: Versace
pin/broche: Chanel
shoes/souliers: Michael by Michael Kors
bag/sac: Burberry
hat/chapeau: Zara
bracelets: BCBG, H&M


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