black trimmings

Tipped shoes are very in this season - whether it is leather or metal, pointy or round toe. I really like these from Zara which I have had for a while. You might have noticed that I wear them often although they are so uncomfortable you'd think they are possessed. It is a strange affliction that makes some of us wear shoes that could just as easily be mistaken for torture devices. The problem seems to lie in the law of reciprocity governing the footwear - prettier the shoe, lesser the comfort. And who can resist pretty shoes.


blazer/veston: Zara
blouse: Koton
jeans: J Brand
shoes/souleirs: Zara
bag/sac: kate spade
belt/ceinture: Tory Burch


  1. My favorite: polka dots and red JBrand jeans..... You look so chic pairing these with the beige colors of the shoes and blazer! LOVE!!




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