breaking the rules

Once upon a time, there were a lot of rules governing the art of dressing up. No white after summer (or Labour Day if you happen to be from North America); brown and black are never, ever to be worn in the same outfit, neither are navy and black; textures should all be from the same family; and most importantly prints are not to be mixed. Then someone (who should be awarded something in the Nobel prize family) set us all free.

Now some of us have taken great liberties with that new found freedom. I for one rarely, if ever, ask myself does this go together? or should I be wearing this? (should I?). Which is just as well because here it is again, a print mix. This time it is a Hawaiian skirt (you know what they say: if you can't be there, you can dress like you are there) and a striped shirt. Never could resist a good stripe.


t-shirt: Zara
skirt/jupe: French Connection
blazer/veston: WITBOY
shoes/souliers: Pour la Victoire
pin/broche: Chanel
necklace/collier: Ann Taylor
bracelets: Banana Republic, H&M, Tristan America


  1. I do like this look!

  2. Jenna from J Crew says that stripes are a neutral. I agree! Love this!

    1. Thanks for your comment, I love Jenna. She has an impeccable style and I can;t get enough of J Crew since she took over.

  3. great, you are the spring!!!ms


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