cherry on the top

It's a sunny afternoon on this Mother's Day, and I have decided to take my new cherry-print dress for a spin. Having seen a similar dress on my favourite new show "Smash" worn by Katherine McPhee's character, I went on a frantic internet search and found this lovely thing on Mod Cloth. And although the silhouette of the original and mine are different (hers was bias cut and mine is A-line) they both have that 50's feel to them, and are very Marylin-esque (which is just as well because McPhee plays an actress playing Marilyn Monroe on Broadway). When the dress arrived I was perfectly content with the way it draped my curves and couldn't help but feel a little Marylin-esque myself. 

Lately there has been a renewed buzz about Marilyn what with "Smash" and "My day with Marilyn".  But Marilyn Monroe has long been considered one of the sexiest women alive. Yet reportedly she was a size 12 or 14  - sizes considered an anathema in today's world of fashion and glamour - implying that, today, the world's sexiest woman would be seen as fat. This oxymoronic conclusion has long become the fodder for the body image warrior’s battle cry, and Monroe is frequently referenced in discussions about the evils of the media and the increasingly unrealistic standard of beauty in our society. In reality she most likely was not a size 12. In fact, on the 41st anniversary of Marilyn Monroe's death, fashion investigator  Jessica Seigel (herself a size 12) was allowed to try on some of the starlet's signature gowns and did not even get close to zipping it. 

So what does all this mean? I think it points to one very important conclusion. Whether it is Kate Moss (or whoever is the thinspiration these days), or sixty-plus year old statistic about Marylin Monroe's dress size, our body appreciation should not be driven by another woman's size. Rather it should serve as a reminder that body ideals shift and change, and thus slaving to them is pointless.


dress/robe: Mod Cloth
cardigan: J Crew
shoes/souliers: Stuart Weitzman
bag/sac: Coccinelle
necklace/collier: kate spade "all wrapped up"


  1. Je suis en amour avec les imprimés fruités. Et la coupe de cette robe te va trop bien. :-)
    Bonne fête des mères D !

    1. Merci Charlotte!!! Plaisir de te lire sur cette page. Bisous xoD

  2. Lovely dress! It reminds me of a Prada number I had a few years ago.



    1. Thanks Dana. I guess you mean the infamous lip dress. I love it - I have it pinned on one of my pinterest boards.

  3. You look beautiful!

  4. Love this outfit! you look so adorable ♡

  5. That dress does look like it was made for you ;)So cute.


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