colour me pink

In keeping with this week's dress theme, I am bringing you this aquarelle-ish, pastel-ish little number. The main reason I got this dress is the TV show, Mad Men. Let me explain: 

I guess I was one of the few people on this hemisphere who missed the first four seasons entirely. Not sure how that happened, but it did. Then last summer we got Netflix, and with it, we got Mad Men seasons one through four. As soon as I started watching, my OCD evil twin took over and made me watch it non-stop until I was finally caught up. After being cooped up for what seemed like weeks, I emerged and found myself strangely drawn toward full skirt dresses, pencil skirts and pussy bow blouses, eye liners and red lips, cat eye sunglasses. 

Now let me be crystal clear, nothing about that era speaks to me. What with all the misogyny, cheating and chain smoking,  had I been born then, I would have been burnt on the stake. Except for the clothes. The clothes are so gorgeously feminine,  I wanna holler to Scotty to beam me down there so that I can raid stores and closets, and then come back. I am still not completely out of that trans, and now the new season has started. Which reminds me, I got me a new episode which I have to watch. So I fare thee well, until the next dress post (which if the weather Gods permit will be tomorrow).


P.S. Please excuse my feeble attempt at a french twist.

dress/robe: Pink Tartan
blazer/veston: Zara
shoes/souliers: Boutique 9
necklace/collier: kate spade "all wrapped up"
bracelet: BCBG
belt/ceinture: H&M


  1. Love the dress and the show ain't too bad either.

  2. I love this look, it's very cool, chic, & classy..You look wonderful!

  3. Oh Danina, You look so elegant and beautiful! Great outfit!

  4. It is definitely a cute outfit!

  5. I do believe that this is my favorite outfit of all! Love the colors!



  6. Zaista ne znam koja je od tri haljine sa zadnja tri posta ljepsa....


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