distressed jeans

If you google the definition of fashion victim a few things come up. According to some, the term was originally coined by Oscar de la Renta to label a person who is unable to identify commonly recognized boundaries of style. For a few others the fashion victimhood is rooted in the susceptibility to faddishness and materialism.  
So when distressed jeans washed up on the trendy shores, I couldn't help but wonder: does paying fairly ridiculous amounts of money (I have seen pairs racking up to 500 bucks) to wear a half destroyed garment constitute fashion victimhood? They had a lot going for them: they were pleasing to my fashionable eye; I could see them fitting perfectly in my wardrobe; they would look amazing with several blazers I own (or with a fab t-shirt); would also look great with a crisp white blouse. For a ripped up clothing item they seemed very versatile and wearable. Furthermore they are jeans after all, there is a cut for everyone. All I have to do is avoid the overly baggy cut (as they make me look like a potato sack).
Finally, I had it all rationalized. So I went out and bought them (at a very "reasonable" 80$). I excitedly planned my outfit. All dressed up and ready to go I proudly walked out, only to meet my five year old's quizzical gaze and a question: "Mommy why are you wearing old jeans?". And just like that, my confidence sank a tad bit and I could not help but feel a little victimized (even if fashionably so) ;-)

blazer/veston: Dolce and Gabbanna
t-shirt: Marc by Marc Jacobs
jeans: Zara
bag/sac: KGB Company
shoes/souliers: Pour la Victoire
necklaces/colliers: BEDO, Ann Taylor
bracelets: H&M, Banana Republic, Tristan America


  1. So smartly put and then POW! you're cut down to size by a little cutie!! Yea! I sympathize! My son asked me why my jeans had holes in them and would I like him to get a band aid for the "cuts"?!?!?
    LOVE your look and old jeans!!



  2. LOVE this look! You are rocking our Mai wedges. Super cute. :)

    xo Pour La Victoire

    1. Thank you for your comment. I love these wedges so much I just ordered them in lime. Should be delivered any minute!


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