national denim day 2012

Every day, 62 Canadian women are diagnosed, while 14 die of breast cancer. For me, and most of you this and similar horrifying statistics bear faces of dear and irreplaceable women. I am thrilled to say that those in my life, my brave friends Melina, Sandra and Angelica, and my aunt Visnja have all luckily won their fight. But for them to still be around scientists and doctors have to continuously press on. This is why I proudly support the National Denim Day. I invite you all to do the same by wearing denim and donating 5$ via Cure Foundation website. Thank you!


jeans: Zara
shirt/blouse: J Crew
belt/ceinture: Zara
shoes/souliers: Stuart Weitzman
bag/sac: Max and Co.
necklace/collier: J Crew


  1. You look lovely! I am a sucker for denim, it looks so good with the shoes, I just got a pair of leopard print pumps, the heel is pink I need to wear them, but heels kill my feet ;) Got any tips on how to make them more comfortable?



    1. Thank you Izzy. It helps when your heels have a bit of a platform in the front (I especially love hidden platforms) because they break the slope and are easier on your foot and back. I also buy cushions (Scholl's make good ones) which go right under the ball of your foot and make it softer. For these Weitzman's I also got the anti-sleep heel band which makes the foot more secure and less likely to slip off. xoxoD

  2. You look good in denim ! Love the pop of colour for the clutch and the belt ! I did wore my denim to work today too !

    Love your blog, and I'm always happy to find an inspiring blogger from my hometown ! I'm following !

    My Blog - A Pretty Nest

    1. Awe thank you Marie-Eve! So happy to have you and will check out your blog right away. Btw I love your name, one of my favourite female french names. xoD

  3. Thanks Danina. Very nice outfit. I like the shirt that suits you very well.


  4. My love, what a great cause! You made me cry!

    And of course, you look wonderful, as always!

  5. What a great cause!
    You look so adorable and make casual look chic.

  6. You are probably the only person in the world who can wear double denim and still look impossibly gorgeous and chic! So glad I stumbled upon your blog through asos fashionfinder, your style is impeccable :)

    Kirsten (Australia)

    1. Thank you so much Kirsten. Your comment truly warms my heart. Plus one of my dearest Australian friends is also a Kirsten. xoxoD


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