yellow and grey

The other day I was perusing YouTube to catch up on the adventures of Sophia Grace and Rosie. In case you were living under a rock, they are these two adorable little girls whose uncanny cover of Niki Minaj's song "Super bass" got them on Ellen DeGeneres show. Since their hugely successful performance,  they have become bona fide stars with a mini talk show of their own  - "Tea with Sophia Grace and Rosie". Recently, they met Russell Brand. In the course of a joyful banter, Russell asked Sophia Grace what her thoughts were at that very moment - she proclaimed with glee "PINK". 

Ok, so admittedly this is a mother of all digressional introductions (I just hope that I haven't digressed you into a coma). But what I wanted to say is that her proclamation resonated with me for two reasons: first because as a little girl I was very much like Sophia Grace - a pink-adoring performer; and second while my performing days are over, that is how I feel about yellow these days. I think about it all the time; I want to wear it all the time - and apparently I do!

Since there is no end in sight with this current colour obsession, I am counting on you to tell me when you've had enough. In the meantime here is some yellow with grey. It just dawned on to me how metaphorical that colour mix is. But I will stop here before you drift off into the eternal hunting grounds never to be heard from again on this blog. 


t-shirt: Cheap Monday
blazer: Dolce and Gabbana
jeans: Gap
booties: Boutique 9
bag: Zara
necklace: Tiffany
bracelets: Simons, Banana Republic, Tristan America


  1. I love the booties and the jeans!

  2. Great outfit and color combo!

  3. You look amazing ! Yellow and grey is one of my fave color combo ever !!!

    My Blog - A Pretty Nest

  4. You look fantastic! LOve the tee and the jeans!

  5. Nice. Like the jeans.

  6. So in love with every aspect of this outfit! Very inspiring.


  7. I love the look, so cool, yellow pants rock.
    Thank you for the follow, I followed you back.

  8. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this...♥


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