apple mint candy

Remember my mint jacket (last seen here)? Well soon after I got it, I saw a pair of shorts that were just as minty and felt like they would be an ideal pair for my jacket. Saturday night take on a suit, this duo is pastel galore. In searching for a blouse that would go with it, I decided to wear this secretary blouse with a little black pussy bow, and add punches of black with the clutch and my favourite patent leather wedges.

I love silk pussy bow blouses, but the biggest problem I have with them (or any other button down shirt) is that I can't ever get the right fit in the bosom area. So the sleeves will be the right length, shoulders will fit just right, but every single button-down blouse I have opens up right across the chest. An additional frustration is that you can't voice this discontent because girls with big boobies are not allowed to complain. I do try to work with what my mama gave me without complaint, including my chest, but there are these sartorial glitches that, at times, make me wish they were just a bit smaller. 

I just realized that I've started this post with pastels and ended it with boob size. That my friends is called a blog with a range ;-)


jacket, shorts, and shoes: Zara
blouse: Jacob
clutch: Steve Madden
braceletes: Banana Republic, Simons
nail polish: NEON American Apparel


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