busy pants

In a few weeks I am going to my homeland. So, in preparation for the migration, I went gift shopping. This inevitably ended up including some gifting of the "from me to me" kind.  

First, I stopped by the Make Up Forever counter for a scheduled product testing. Yesterday, I was lady lunching with Emily of PartyMixTape who took me to Sephora because she was interested in, the now infamous, HD Make up Forever powder (the overuse of which made Eva Longoria and Nicole Kidman look like they did some coke and then decided to give themselves the white equivalent of eye blacks). I then highjacked Emily's product query and made an appointment pour moi, ultimately resulting in a massive purchase of the HD foundation line (what can I tell you it was a good demonstration).

Then it was off to Gap Jr since I find their girl section impossibly cute (possibly even more so than the adult section). That led to trying on a few things from the aforementioned section to the horror of other mom shoppers. Their judging glares, potentially caused by my affinity for toddler wear, was no deterrent to this fashion maven resulting in additional acquisitions. (Just so that we are clear I did not get onesies).

Finally, when I was ready to take some pics for the blog, the zipper on my pants broke. That was just as well because my summery getup, which included harem pants and white biker vest, really did not match the 19 degree weather.

Change the outfit, shoot, write and here we are.

shirt: American Apparel
sweater: Juicy Couture
pants: Helene Berman
booties: Boutique 9
bag: ASOS
bracelets: Banana Republic, Simons
sunnies: MANGO


  1. Those pants are dangerously sexy!

    1. Thanks Irina! They were major score on theoutnet.com. xoD

  2. Oh girlie! I love the way you write! I can't help but smile! You'll need to let me know which products you purchased. BTW, those pants are FIERCE! Love it!
    P.S. Thanks for the shout out!

    1. You are my bloggie- buddy, plus people need be directed towards insightful and delightful blogs! I got the HD starter kit (HD foundation, primer, powder, and the brush) I threw in a concealer and they threw in HD cream blush. Thanks for taking me there! xoxoD

    2. Ahhh... I have makeup envy!!! We'll need to go back! "Bloggie-Buddy": too cute!

  3. amazing pants! you look great! you made me laugh with your Gap story hahaha!


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