caftan dress

In case you didn't notice, the outfit posts have been absent for a while - the reason being the sweltering heat which had me in a bathing suit and in pursuit of water parks and sprinklers all of this week. Frankly, wearing anything more than shorts was simply unimaginable. Plus the heat also kept me up at night giving me a not-so-fresh and rested look replete with under eye circles. 

Note to self: must install air conditioning. Montreal excuse is always such that our summers are way too short to justify digging through walls (for I will NOT tolerate the ugliness of a window unit). That excuse quickly disappears with the first heat wave, and is just as quickly forgotten once it passes. 

But since this is a fashion blog and not the weather channel, I will cease this tirade and leave you with this oldie, but goodie of a caftan dress. Fashion visionary that I am, I got this dress a few years back anticipating that mint will be huge one day ;-) The shoes are a recent purchase through yoox.com. I imagined wearing them with several dresses, unfortunately they are so sky high that they are not walkable (only photographable). And even if my arches are killing me now, I wore them for ye viewing pleasure nonetheless.


dress: Zara
bag: vintage
shoes: Tachetti via yoox.com
necklace: Sofic Sarajevo


  1. love it!!!!!!!!

  2. In California there is no such thing as NOT having A/C... We would all melt.
    Lovely dress! Yea, I have a few of those photographable shoes...haha




  3. loved this post! I agree, window units are ugly! but oh my! it's been reaaally hot in Montreal!
    those shoes look like so much fun and your dress is lovely!

  4. Those are some amazing heels!

  5. I could not agree more with you about the weather! My oh My! What a week!? I hope you manage to install your A/C and keep posting good looking outfits such as this one!

  6. OMG...You Look Gorgeous.
    Love the necklace!

  7. Great look. Love the necklace ♥

  8. Love your necklace, what a lovely outfit!


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