just another neon monday

As much as I would like to say something profound and mind-altering I am afraid that, this Monday, I have got nothing for you. It is hot and humid and my head is fuzzy. So to distract you from this embarrassing writer's block, I've put together an outfit which features a brightly coloured jacket (which apparently I wear a lot as can be seen here and here) and a floral top (which reminds of Mary Katrantzou Spring 2012 but it's really Zara). All this in hopes that, like me, you are easily distracted by pretty colours. 


jacket and top: Zara
shorts: DIY
belt: Tory Burch
pin: Chanel
bag: NOVO
bracelet: Simons
shoes: Givenchy


  1. What colour are those nails? I love it! E.

    1. Thanks darling. It's Essie Mint Candy Apple. I got it at Pharmaprix, but have definitely seen it in hair salon in Montreal Trust (Zara Level) next to Omer de Serre. xoD

  2. Looking good on a hot, hazy Monday!

  3. Replies
    1. Awe thank you Bri (and thanks for following every day) xoxoD

  4. Shout out from a fellow Canadian! I just discovered your blog and I really like your style! Love the bright colors in this outfit and the shorts are sassy! You have a new bloglovin follower!

    <3 Jenny

    1. Thank you Jenny! So glad you like the blog and to have you as a follower! xoxoD

  5. It's been 2 days, but I still like this look!

  6. Love your outfit! That orange blazer is so perfect hits at the perfect length! Beautiful!

  7. I really like the orange blazer and the Chanel pin on it

  8. I just discovered your blog on IFB and since then I just fell in love with your style! I cannot wait to read more posts on your blog! Also i love the outfit that you are wearing in this post.


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