juvenile chic

Occasionally, I am asked to describe my personal style. In keeping with my complicated nature which never settles for one of anything (except for the choice of hubba-bubba), that answer is not a one word utterance. Indeed my friends, it is a list of epithets, possibly a story of the "girly girl meets a motorcycle gang member, moves to East Hamptons, dreams of childhood at the Hilfiger mansion in Technicolour" variety.

Which one of my multiple "adultescent" personalities will come out on any given day is an unpredictable business influenced by the weather, mood and such (frequently in juxtaposition). So to offset the gloominess of today, here is a little sailor-meets-toddler number comprised of my recent Gap Jr acquisitions complete with a ladybug umbrella (previously featured here). 


skirt and t-shirt: Gap Jr
jacket: Zara
pin: Chanel
sandals: heart Soul via piperlime.com
belt: oh la la
umbrella: Insectarium de Montreal


  1. oh my! I totally love it! the sailor t-shirt is awesome! I might steal your idea and go look around the Jr section (well in a few months when I dont have the baby bump haha)

    1. Gracias guapa! They have the bestest stuff. Do you know what you are having? By the clothes I have seen in your shower post I would guess it is a boy. xoD

  2. Your outfit made me smile on this rainy day!

  3. Really love the way you match different stripes and neon!

  4. This is one of my favourites so far- I'm a sucker for anything nautical related!

    1. Thank you so much! I barely own any t-shirt that are not striped. xoD


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