training day

Remember this post when, inspired by Mont Tremblant Ironman 70.3, I vowed to sign up for a race of some sort real soon. After some thought and consideration, I decided to sign up and train for a half marathon. The whole triathlon thing, while very appealing just isn't realistic for me.

First, I would have to re-learn how to swim. You see, the way I was taught how to swim - much like most kids from former Yugo - was to be chucked into the Adriatic sea and encouraged to paddle. Our parents and/or family members would yell "with your arms, with your legs", meaning "paddle if you want to live". Occasionally, a well meaning family member would put their arms under your chin and waist to help you float while you frantically waved your arms and legs in the water. Most of my support came in the form of the male members of the family all of whom had hairy arms which would inevitably get in my mouth, and so I avoided that type of assistance whenever possible. Initially, my swimming technique consisted of the "doggy" paddle, and eventually I moved on to the breast stroke, just not the kind necessary to enter competitions.

Second, the triathlon equipment such as the bike, shoes and wetsuit is all really, really expensive. And third, training in three different disciplines would take so much time I am not sure I would have time for anything else. So in the end half marathon it is. I am looking at this Fall, and am currently shopping for a suitable race. What sucks is that the races I really wanted to run (i.e., Ottawa Army, Montreal Oasis and, East Hamptons Half Marathons) are all sold out. So now I am thinking trail, since I love trail running. If anyone of you knows of anything good, I would be much obliged if you could kindly share it with me.

Today was the first training day, so I ran 10k on my favourite running ground, Parc Mont Royal. Now that my baseline is established let the games begin.


skirt and blouse: Zara
belt: Calvin Kline
shoes: kate spade Deb wedges
necklace: Tiffany
bracelets: Banana Republic and Simons
bag: NOVO


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