weekend fun

This Sunday, my boys and I decided to go to Mont Tremblant - a gorgeous ski/mountain resort near Montreal. We love the city, but every once in a while it is good to leave it behind and enjoy the nature which Quebec offers in abundance. Additional motivation to go to Mont Tremblant, today of all days, was that it held the Ironman 70.3 race.

In one of my previous posts, I mentioned to you that I incorporate sport in my life, not only to stay fit but also to stay sane. Over time, I have enjoyed many different types of activities, but nothing brought me as much pleasure and satisfaction as distance running. Then two years ago, I decided to run a half marathon. Having successfully completed it, I can honestly say that there were few moments in my life that felt quite that exhilarating.

So today, as we were cheering on those who were nearing the end of their incredible journey consisting of a 1.9km swim, 90km bike ride, and 21 km run, I felt a renewed desire to be a part of a similar  experience again. This time around my man and I will try and do it as a team. Now we just have to pick a race and begin training.

dress and sunnies: Mango
vest: Zara
belt: H&M
shoes: Pour la Victoire Mai wedge
bag: NOVO
necklace: Tiffany
bracelets: Banana Republic and Simons


  1. Great outfit!
    We'll be in Mont Tremblant area end of July/early August; we should get together if you're not going away:)

    1. Hvala puno Sandrice.

      Nzalost ovaj put se fulamo jer ce mo mi biti u Bosni. Ali bi smo definitivno trebali planiarti nesto za jesen. xoxoD

  2. LOVE the dress! You look amazing in yellow.

    Great to hear how inspired you were by the folks finishing the Ironman 70.3. I have been training for this same race since January, my event will be in Door County, Wisconsin on July 22. No time goal, just want to finish:) Please keep us readers updated if you train for one!!

    1. Thanks darling! Will be cheering for you! I would love to take on a triathlon, but it seems like a lot of equipment and time that I might not be able to find. Plus mu swimming style is panicked doggy paddle so would essentially have to learn the technique before I even begin to train. i will however register for a race soon. i miss it very much!

  3. Love the dress and the belt!

  4. beautiful dress! I love Mont Tremblant, hope you had a good time :)


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