who is the devil?

I don't know about you, but I always have my eye on American politics. What with the power it yields in economic and military terms, when it comes to America everything is subject to the butterfly effect. So this being an election year, the Middle East being on the brink of all out conflict, and the global economy standing one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel, I pay attention. 

Thus I stumbled upon a video of Glenn Beck foaming at the mouth, yet again. What seems to have strummed his fragile nerves this time around was Vogue Editor-in-Chief, Anna Wintour, starring in a video promoting a fundraiser for President Obama. This really did not go over well with Beck. To him the President's affiliation with Wintour signified that he was a hypocrite and an elitist because after all wasn't it common knowledge that Wintour is the Prada-wearing, employee abusing she-devil? 

This intrigued me so I went on to read the various commentary. To no surprise I found that, whether they were left or right leaning, republican or democrat, all seemed to share the view that it was not a particularly wise move on the part of the Obama administration to be seen galavanting with Wintour and SJP (aka Carrie Bradshaw) on the day when the jobs report showed slowing down. The Chicago Sun Times said:

"Wintour in the Obama video is the personification of elitism, what with her upper class British accent, manner and dress. People who come across as wealthy snobs are usually never used in a political spots because they could turn off a lot of folks and are easy to spoof: good for satirists on the late night shows, counterproductive for a campaign."

This got me thinking: what is it about Anna? Surely she isn't the only successful, wealthy, Prada-wearing individual. The Pope always wears Prada shoes and lives in a ginormous marble home in the middle of his own little country, but if he were to appear in a video for Obama, I am not sure that it would have been interpreted like this. And why is that when employees fear elevator rides with Wintour, that makes her the devil incarnate, but when it is Apple employees who apparently equally feared riding in the elevator with the late Steve Jobs (God rest his iPod inventing soul) we think nothing of it. 

Now let me be crystal clear, this is not a character defence of Anna Wintour. I am not the one to judge, let alone a person that I do not personally know nor have worked for. (Although the fact is that she has worked with many incredibly creative and smart people for years, and we might give them the benefit of the doubt that they are not all masochistic; and that she has promoted countless careers in the fashion industry). To me her character is irrelevant. What IS relevant is that success, perfectionism, business savvy and wealth seem to look very different on a man. For one, no one calls him the devil. 


blazer: Club Monaco
blouse: Zara
leggings: American Apparel
shoes: MRKT
bag: vintage
necklace: Mexx
pin: Chanel
hat: Mango


  1. simple and elegant

  2. Bravo to Anna Wintour and shame to Beck! At least she demonstrates not only that she is an great fashion promoter but also a responsible citizen.


    1. I couldn't agree more Angelica. He is so off the rails that even FOX would't keep him. Now he has his own channel, the Glenn TV. The democracy that is the internet.

  3. Love the outfit and the article!!

  4. You look super here! I love the thick heel on these shoes and your hat!

  5. You're totally right. What is praised as 'ambition' and 'drive' in men is often derided as 'she-devil, ladder-climbing bitchiness' in women.
    But hey, with those shoes, you look totally ready to kick through that glass ceiling ;)

    Kirsten (Australia)

    1. Thanks a million Kirsten. That has always been my goal, forge my way ahead all the while wearing heels ;-) xoxoD

  6. Love reading your blog.
    You look gorgeous!


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