Whenever I think of chartreuse, I can't help but conjure up the image of Nicole Kidman's Dior gown she wore to Oscars in 1997. That gown was your basic game changer. It raised the bar for Oscar's fashion and it established Nicole's presence on the fashion scene. Until than, her outfits invoked Anne of the Green Gables far more than Hollywood glamour. It would also mark the beginning of my love affair with the aforementioned colour. Which is why I couldn't (and didn't) resist this blouse (you're totally allowed to disagree with me and consider this to be neon yellow). I especially enjoy how well it combines with white and black. The trusty bib necklace is a welcome addition, not only for its aesthetic value, but also because it successfully covers the opening across the bosom area previously discussed in this post.


blouse: Japna via Winners
skirt: Darjoni via Winners
belt: Calvin Kline
shoes: Aldo
necklace: Zara
bracelets: Banana Republic and Simons


  1. Gorgeous outfit ! I love a yellow anything and that blouse is amazing !

    My Blog - A Pretty Nest

  2. I think it a great colour. And paired with the floral skirt, it just pops!!

  3. it is a great color anyway haha! this is another of my favourites outfits too! love it!

  4. Love your nail polish with that shirt!

  5. What a pretty outfit! I love chartreuse, and I love the way you accessorized this outfit! Just fabulous!

    <3 Jenny

  6. Glad to have found your blog....I'm so in love with this skirt & great way you put in color!!



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