Identity crisis

And she's dropped off again - you must be thinking.  And of course you would be right, but trust me when I say the reasons are plenty. Some big, some small but good reasons anyway. For one, I am still figuring out what this beast blog is. I love fashion, I love story telling, and I deeply care about a variety of social issues - especially those that impact women's lives - but for reasons unknown, I thought it impossible to house all of these under one blog's roof. Until now that is.

This morning while making my infirm man's morning cappuccino (he busted his back a few days ago and can barely move), I had a revelation. Just because I called this mother "Fashionable in Montreal" for valid, but haste and shortsighted reasons, does not mean that:

a) I can't very well say whatever I want to say (because, you know, it's my blog and I'll cry if I want to);
b) that I always have to post "perfect" outfit pics, or say things about fashion;
c) or finally, that I can't change the wretched name if I so desired.

So here it is, a new and hopefully improved version of what we are for now still calling Fashionable in Montreal, containing all of me and not just the paper doll me.

Not all of it has been deep and philosophical. My sis was in town, and I spent a lot of time in her lovely company. The little man has started kindergarten, and we are now working on firmly instituting his school routine. Because he. must. love. education. He simply has no choice. My mama said so every day of my childhood life, and now, so does his. I have also been on the path of establishing a stable fitness routine ever so important for my mental, as well as my physical health.

And finally, for ye viewing pleasure here are a few snippets of the past few weeks as seen by my recently acquired iPhone (soon thereafter surpassed by the issue of a newer model).



  1. Nice to have you back, and thanks for the morning cappucinnos among other things!

  2. Looking forward to reading more of your stories! It is clear to me, after having spent some time with you in person, than you have a lot of profound insights to share whether about fashion or not! xo Hayley

  3. love this new kind of post! pics are beautiful and you look so much like your sister!

  4. You write so beautifully - I'll take any kind of post you've got! Rock on my friend!
    Emily xo


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