Radio silence

I haven't been blogging for a while. The reason being that it stopped being fun.

You see, I have always loved fashion; and dressing up is major mood therapy for me. I love all of it, the hair, the make up, the clothes, the shoes, the accessories, the whole nine yards. In fact, very few things give me as much pleasure as putting an outfit together, even when I know that I am going to spend the whole day cooped up inside. Because I do it for me. 

My style often provokes reactions - some compliment it, yet others judge me as a person and a professional for it. Which is why I decided to start blogging. I felt the need to create a space where I can showcase my personal style, but also convey my pro-women point of view.

In the beginning it was really fun. But then, I got pulled into the whole fashion blogger game of gaining followers and increasing the number of hits. Dressing for my blog became a chore so much so that the girl who dressed up all of her nine months of pregnancy, all through the war, and international humanitarian field work, all of the sudden preferred to spend her whole day in pj's (not that there is anything wrong with that, it just never was me). I got to the point that if I dressed up and didn't post about, I felt my outfit was "wasted". And so I decided to stop until such time that it can all be fun again.  

It took some time to get over it all, but get over myself I did. Which is why I am back. This outfit is what I am wearing today. And I love it!


jacket and jeans: Zara
sweater: H&M
scarf: J Crew
booties: Urban Outfiters
bag: Maurizio Taiuti
sunnies: Mango
bracelet: Ann Taylor Loft
belt: Tory Burch


  1. welcome back! I missed you!

    ps. I'm wearing something very similar on today's post ;)

  2. Welkom back! Don't stop blogging because you're good at it!

  3. Totally agree with you on all points...I actually talked about quite the same thing in my last posts...
    Welcome back! Take it easy and enjoy every moment!

    OXO Dana



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