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For the last 18 years I have been constantly on the move. Lived in 8 different countries; moved, packed and unpacked countless times; never owned more than what I could carry. Until three years ago that is, when we moved to Montreal and bought a house. 

Bosnians of my generation will tell you that we have a very hard time committing to real estate what with the war and all the destruction we've seen. Rather, we believe in a good passport and money in the pocket. So needless to say buying a house felt like a big, fat proverbial anchor.

Whether it is my gypsy soul getting restless or plain and simple mid-life crisis, but lately I have been wanting for a change. Since my real estate is keeping me firmly in place, I had no other choice but to chop off my hair. 

Has it worked? Indeed it has - I feel younger and (strangely) taller. It also helps that my man love is over the moon with the new coif possibly because I sported an angled bob when he first met me. 

Next stop: blond(er) town.

blazer: Club Monaco
top: Zara
pants: Helene Birman
shoes: Michael Kors
necklace: LOFT
bag: Maurizio Taiuti


  1. Love the new do ! You look amazing ! Obsessed with those pants too !
    My Blog - A Pretty Nest

  2. LOVE the hair! So glad you went for it! Can't wait to see you on Friday!

  3. Love the hair! Love the hair! As well as the outfit and the little sidekick.

  4. Your hair looks great!Wish i had the guts to do the same.Those pants are amazing as is the statement necklace!


  5. I love the hair! It was really nice to meet you in person the other day and I'm looking forward to another encounter in Mtl in the near future.

  6. You look amazing!

  7. you look so fresh and beautiful!
    I'm in love with your outfit, that necklace is so cool!


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