To quote my little man's favourite poem: "t'was brillig and the slithy toves" kind of weekend kicked off by dinner at Imadake - an Izakaya, or a Japanese pub where appetizer-size dishes are served one at a time and shared. This style of dining is meant to be enjoyed with friends and we enjoyed ours plenty thanks to the company of my favourite blogger and art connaisseuse, the fabulous PartyMixTaper, Emily and her hubster Marc. The evening ended with a bang (quite literally), as apparently you don't go to Imadake without downing a shot, aka sake bomb, which has the entertainment factor built right in since it is meant to go down only after you've shouted yourself to aphonia and table-banged mixed your drinks.

Then it was our resident 6-year old's birthday party bash celebrated this year at the Laser Quest under the laser gun fire. Much did I try to tear the stereotypes down by shoving dolls and such down this boy's proverbial throat, he wouldn't have any of it. By some pre-approved DNA plan which clearly no one ran by me (his biological pacifist of a mother), he is a marksman, dynosaur hunter and a dragon slayer all wrapped in one sweet looking boy. My husband consoles me that this too shall pass and that I will live to see him eventually lay his weapons down.

The weekend ended with a delicious brunch again in the company of my best bloggie buddy, Emily at Holt Renfrews where we conspired to form a blogging alliance to rule them all ;-) The final touch was a quick shopping trip to Zara.  Seriously considering buying some of their stock because as long as Em  and I are alive, they will not go under. Hope your weekend was just as lovely.


pants: Joie
shirt: J Crew
denim jacket: Jacob (very old)
coat: Massimo Dutti
bag: Calvin Klein
shoes: Vince Camuto
necklace: H&M
sunnies: RayBan


  1. that japanese place sounds so cool! and what a fun day you spend with your girlfriend!
    nice outfit, love the layers!
    when can we meet for coffee??? I have a very open schedule so let me know :)

  2. Looking good!

  3. Thank you my sweet! Any time after Monday would be great, I too am flexible. You have my number so just call or text. xoxoD


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