Winter blues (or burgundies)

'Tis the season again. And despite all the retail frenzy in the form of not-to-be missed sales and discounts; sparkle and shine of Christmas decorations promising to induce the holiday cheer; and the ubiquitous soundtrack of carols following you everywhere you go, I find myself blue (as in sad).

The reasons are several: years are seemingly on a warp-speed fast forward and despite my youthful spirt I can't help but feel that life is going by way too fast. In resuming where I have been and where I am going, I have to admit that I am not all-around satisfied or happy with some aspects of my life. The situation is possibly not helped by the literature I am currently perusing in preparation for issues soon to be discussed on the blog, which highlights the steps back that women have taken as off late sacrificing their professional success and ultimately, their financial independence.

And while I firmly believe that we can always, always strive for better, yesterday was one of those days where the undercurrent pulled me, well, under, for a moment or two. Today, is another day. And albeit cold, it is sunny and bright offering a great opportunity to dust myself off and try again.


jeans: Paige
top and coat: Zara
booties: Indigo by Clarks
necklace: Lindex
scarf: J Crew


  1. Looking great as always!

  2. Darling, think of Scarlet O'Hara and her "After all tomorrow is another day"... you have so many things to be proud of and happy about..

  3. by the way, the color (this shade of burgundy) is gorgeous and you really suit it

  4. I'm thankful for those "another day"s...great outfit

  5. Thanks love. Did you get my email and the link? Have a wonderful trip home! xoD

  6. Thank you dear friend! xoD

  7. Actually I didn't !

  8. You look beautiful, Danina.


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