Happy birthday DKMTL

Time flies when you're having fun - and what a fun year it has been. True to it's founder and author, DKMTL is constantly growing and evolving, so what started as Fashionable in Montreal, over time, became DKMTL. But the name is not the only thing that changed. While this blog's original mission has been to promote the idea that fashion and feminism do mix, over time it has expanded to the idea that a woman can, and should be, all that she wants to be. So from a fashion blog we are slowly moving in the direction of a pro-women platform and hopefully a source of inspiration for women everywhere.

While on this amazing quest, I have learned a tremendous amount about myself, while also meeting some incredibly creative and smart women (a big shout out to Emily of PartyMixTape). 

It has been an amazing privilege and joy to hear from you who have been following and supporting me in the past year. For that I thank you and wish for many happy returns.

Last but not least, a HUGE thanks to my biggest fan, my husband, without whose support there would be no DKMTL!

Happy birthday DKMTL


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